Student Research Intern (SRI)

Terms for Bird’s Eye Drone Solutions

Selection of __no.s of Student Research Interns (henceforth known as SRI)
Selection will happen through online test through website for birds eye drone solutions.
Candidates will will be informed 1 day prior to test start , and will be able to fill the test for 2 days , after which , the test will end.
Results will be announced within one week of test
Internship for student will last for 1 semester.
SRIs will be assigned specialization subjects , of their choice. The students will receive training material and working space at the office of Bird’s Eye Drone Solutions
SRIs , at the end of their internship, will receive a certificate of appreciation , and a certificate of participation , for their time at Bird’s eye Drone solutions
New SRIs will be selected thereafter.


"Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society."

- Bill Gates


A compilation of some of our projects.


“Fantastic images provided , by Bird's eye India , for our event ! Professional services , their pictures and videos are like magic ! Thanks for your services , Bird's Eye India! ”

“We are working with Bird's Eye India , for making a drone movie amd taking a few drone pictures , for our project Treasure Park , and the results are truely astounding ! Thanks to Bird's Eye India for helping us capture , literally , through the bird's eye ! ”

“Bird's Eye India provided us with one of the most beautiful photos for our property , which we were to sell for a client. The jawdropping photos , looked great in our print brochures , as well as on digital platforms , such as whatsapp , facebook , website , etc ! ”

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